• The takeover of several agricultural planets by the Imperial Romulan State now threatens Romulus with severe food shortages, while the cessation of slave labor on Remus hampers power plant and factory output. Praetor Tal'aura reluctantly accepts food shipments from the Federation, but refuses its offer to mediate negotiations between herself and Empress Donatra, citing it as an internal Romulan matter.
  • Fleet Commander Tomalak, in his attempt at retaking the planets taken over by Donatra, appoints Admiral Taris as his second-in-command and orders her to re-organize and mobilize Romulus' remaining military forces.
  • Tal'aura reforms the Romulan Senate, appointing her supporters as senators. She declines to respond to requests for representation from both the Unification movement and the Remans. The Line of Tellus denounces Tal'aura publically and withdraws its members from government service.
  • The Klingon Empire takes advantage of the weakened state of Romulus by initiating strikes into Romulan space. They retake the Khitomer sector, a move criticized by the Federation Council, but defended by Ambassador K'mtok.
  • Councilor T'Los of Vulcan warns the Federation Council of the unpredictable outcome of a Vulcan/Romulan reunification; however, the council does not reach an official decision on whether to support the movement and votes to table the issue.
  • Stardate 60334.46: Admiral Owen Paris of Starfleet Research and Development orders that the USS Voyager Doctor's mobile emitter be taken to the Starfleet facility on Galor IV for study. The Doctor files a lawsuit in response; the office of the Judge Advocate General issues an injunction against the transfer of the mobile emitter until the case can be studied further.
  • The Bajoran Coalition continues its urging of the extradition of several Cardassian government and military officials; however, hundreds of the aforementioned Cardassian officials seemingly vanish from Cardassia Prime, which is seen as an attempt to assist fugitives.
  • Ro Laren completes her sentence in the Federation penal colony and returns to Bajor. She accepts a commission in the Bajoran militia and is appointed head of security for Deep Space Nine.

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