System Sector Sector Block
Aelas Vendor Alpha Centauri
Afehirr Onias Psi Velorum
Agrama Sierra Alpha Centauri
Aido Onias Psi Velorum
Aihai Devron Iota Pavonis
Ajilon Archanis Eta Eridani
Aldebaran Aldebaran Eta Eridani
Algira Algira Alpha Trianguli
Alth'ndor Mylasa Psi Velorum
Andoria Vulcan Sirius
Andoss Dorvan Alpha Trianguli
Arawath Arawath Zeta Andromedae
Archanis Archanis Eta Eridani
Argelius Argelius Regulus
Aria Almatha Alpha Trianguli
Azha Aldebaran Eta Eridani
Azure Nebula B'Moth Omega Leonis
Litlitu Mempa Pi Canis

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