Bajoran Required Traits
Trait Creative Creative
+5% Damage and Healing with Kits
Trait Spiritual Spiritual
+10% Heals Received
+10% Regeneration
Plus two additional traits.

a typical Bajoran

In Game Description

Bajorans have one of the oldest cultures in the Federation, but they suffered greatly during the Cardassian occupation in the 2300s. They are a deeply spiritual race dedicated to their gods, the Prophets, and most wear an elaborate earring on the right ear as a symbol of their faith. They resemble humans, but have a distinctive set of nose ridges. Bajoran custom places the surname before the given name. Their race is one of the most recent to join the United Federation of Planets.

Extra Information

Bajorans are a humanoid race from the planet Bajor. Bajorans are distinguished by the prominent ridges on their noses. Bajorans have few outstanding physical traits and are similar to humans, but have one of the oldest cultures in the Federation, with the ancient Bajoran republics flourishing around 25,000 years ago. The Bajoran people are deeply religious and have a rich spiritual tradition: the next great phase of Bajoran culture began around 10,000 years ago when the first of the "Tears of the Prophets" were given to the Bajoran people by the non-corporeal beings who exist in the Bajoran Wormhole (or the "Celestial Temple" as it is called by the Bajorans) - the Bajorans call these beings the Prophets and consider them their gods, with "Pah-Wraiths" being the opposing demons. Bajoran belief also involves a belief in "pah" which is similar to the human concept of a soul. Bajorans were technologically advanced long before most other races they had even used solar-sail craft to travel to the Cardassian system several light years away, however their rate of advancement was slow and eventually other races such as Humans and Klingons developed warp drive before them. For thousands of years, Bajorans followed a strict caste based society where a person's family dictated what profession they would take up, a caste was known as a D'jarra.

In 2319, the Cardassian Union annexed and occupied Bajor using their superior technology and space borne military. The Cardassians instituted a brutal rule and used many Bajorans as slave labor, as well as persecuting any Bajoran who practised the Bajoran religion. Many Bajorans fled Bajor and scatted across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. This forced the Bajorans to abandon their caste system and after 50 years of Guerrilla resistance and after the Cardassian-Federation war, the Bajorans finally forced the Cardassians to withdraw.

The Bajorans started petitioning the Federation for aid and eventually started on the road towards Federation membership. This process was halted during the first half of the Dominion War when Bajor was advised by Benjamin Sisko a Federation Captain, to sign a non-aggression pact with the Dominion as if Bajor was a Federation member. It was so close to the war zone it was likely to be occupied by the Dominion. The Bajorans later started fighting as an ally of the Federation Alliance and some time after the war became full members of the Federation.

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