Benzite Required Traits
Trait Natural Armor Natural Armor
Resist Energy and Physical Damage
Trait Natural Immunities Natural Immunities
Radiation and Toxic Damage Resistance
Plus two additional traits.

a typical Benzite

In Game Description

Benzite contact with the Federation was limited until the 24th century. In 2364, Mordock was the first Benzite accepted to Starfleet Academy.
Benzites have smooth, blue, hairless skin, and a thick protrusion of skin extends down over the face, giving Benzites a prominent nasal lobe and brow. They have two facial tendrils that extend from above the upper lip. Their bodies are protected by a smooth, chitinous covering.
Benzites are unable to breathe a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. Some Benzites choose to wear a respiration device, but many undergo genetic alterations to allow them to operate in normal Federation environments.

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