Betazoid Required Traits
Trait Empathic Empathic
Reduces Threat Generation, Increases Team Regeneration
Trait Telepathic Telepathic
Increases Perception, Exposure Duration and Chance
Plus two additional traits.

a typical Betazoid

In Game Description

A telepathic species, Betazoids are members of the United Federation of Planets.
Physically, the only thing that distinguishes Betazoids from Humans is that the irises of their eyes are completely black. Most Betazoids develop their telepathic abilities in adolescence, but they are unable to read the minds of Ferengi, Changelings, and non-corporeal beings.
Because of their telepathic abilities, Betazoids are open about their emotions and they value honesty. It once was traditional for Betazoid children to be genetically bonded to a future spouse, but this practice has fallen out of favor in recent decades.

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