Borg Primary Offensive Weapons Edit

Cutting Laser - An effective energy beam utilized for slicing segments of a starship for examination. (reference "Q Who?" [TNG])

Tractor Beam - An energy beam used to seize another ship. Borg tractor beams also possess the ability to drain power from the protective shields of another vessel. (reference "Q Who?", "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG])

Disruptors - Primary offensive weapons system utilized by the Borg. Borg disruptors are far more powerful than any other known phaser or disruptor technology. (reference "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG], "Emissary" [DS9], "Scorpion" [VGR]) Multikinetic

Borg torpedoes are similar to standard photon or quantum torpedoes, but are far more destructive. (reference "Scorpion" [VGR])

Neutronic Mine - A Borg weapon of mass destruction. These mines are similar to quantum torpedo technology, yet are far more destructive. The average mine has an explosive yield of five million isotons. (reference "Scorpion" [VGR])

Resonance Signal Homing signal transmitted by the Borg to locate lost drones or vessels. (reference "The Raven" [VGR])

Borg Navigational MechanismsEdit

Warp Drive - The standard method of faster than light travel utilized by the Borg. The Borg are capable of sustaining warp speeds in excess of warp factor 9.99 for an indefinite amount of time. (reference "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG])

Transwarp Conduits - The fastest means of travel for the Borg, often simplified as "transwarp". Artificially created "tunnels" through space, these conduits allow the Borg to travel at speeds far beyond normal warp, much like that of a worm-hole. They are primarily used to travel vast distances in a short length of time. Temporary transwarp conduits can be formed by a specialized tachyon emission. These transwarp conduits are known to be disruptive to the subspace, often making it impossible for other ships to engage warp drive in their vicinity. Transwarp conduits can be opened by emitting a specialized high-energy tachyon pulse. (reference "Descent" [TNG], "Scorpion" [VGR], "Day of Honor" [VGR])::An artificially created portal utilized by the Borg for interdimensional travel. (reference "Scorpion" [VGR])

Singularity Dimensional Portal - A time spanning conduit created by the controlled emission of chronometric particles. The temporal vortex is the method of time travel utilized by the Borg. (reference "Star Trek First Contact")

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