Bridge Officer Skills are directly linked to their Abilities. Bridge Officer Skill usually refers to the rank of the ability. Bridge Officer Ability usually refers to the ability itself.

(eg. I have the Bridge Officer Ability: Torpedo: High Yield II. I have the Torpedo: High Yield II skill trained all the way to rank nine.)

Engineering Space SkillsEdit

We need information for the following:

  • Engineering Team III -- Existence: UNKNOWN
  • Reverse Shield Polarity III -- Existence: UNKNOWN
  • Auxiliary to Battery III -- Existence: UNKNOWN
  • Auxiliary to Dampeners III -- Existence: UNKNOWN
  • Auxiliary to Structural III - Existence: EXISTS (Rare BO)
  • Boarding Party III - Existence: EXISTS (Rare BO)

Auxiliary to Structural

Science Space SkillsEdit

Charged Particle Burst Energy Siphon Feedback Pulse Gravity Well Hazard Emitters Jam Sensors Mask Energy Signature Photonic Officer Photonic Shock Wave Polarize Hull Science Team Scramble Sensors Tachyon Beam Tractor Beam Tractor Beam Repulsors Transfer Shield Strength Tyken's Rift Viral Matrix

Tactical Space SkillsEdit

Attack Pattern Beta Attack Pattern Delta Attack Pattern Omega Beam Fire at Will Beam Overload Beam Target Auxiliary Beam Target Engines Beam Target Shields Beam Target Weapons Cannon Rapid Fire Cannon Scatter Volley Dispersal Pattern Alpha Dispersal Pattern Beta Tactical Team Torpedo High Yield Torpedo Spread


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