Be advised that the April 15th update made the respawns for Fleet Actions more aggressive. Some missions require a larger group of allies than before. Soloing Fleet Actions is probably unlikely.

Some general notes:

  • Starbase 24 space battle seems less affected but be aware that when approaching Battlecruisers that supporting ships can spawn without prior detection, so approach carefully. Note also that mobs of Klingon ships may respawn around you and you may be overwhelmed quickly. Staying in an ally group is generally a good tactic. Even with lower level characters, the mission is do-able.
  • Starbase 24 ground battle requires fast movement between objectives. You need to use the rooms to avoid battling respawing mobs in the corridors. Rather than fighting the mobs in rooms from outside, enter the room and select a corner to make your assault, otherwise you will be facing a respawned mob behind you in the corridor. Just be aware of the respawns as you work through this mission. HINT: Kill the Targ Handlers as priority targets. This is a solo mission.
  • Halting the Gorn Advance has multiple objectives that scale in difficulty, but the respawns can have you fighting through achieved objectives so you can access the new ones. The respawns are so aggressive that your video can become overwhelmed with ships and all their weapons trails. Again, stay with an ally group and the larger the better. This mission takes much more time to complete than before the patch, but is do-able with a decent ally group.
  • Breaking the Planet space battle seems less affected post patch. The same comments pertain to this mission as for Starbase 24 space above.
  • Breaking the Planet ground battle has been patched to be practically non-completable. The respawns are aggressive and there is virtually no "time out" for regrouping your squad of allies. The inital objectives are do-able (bomb the 5 pumping stations), but subsequent objectives are not, at least in my experience with 7 player squads. The Klingon warrior mobs respawn so fast that you are constantly fighting the same groups you just killed. Moreover, you are constantly fighting enemies in front of you as you progress through the mission and those respawing behind you because there is little area for you to occupy on the 2nd tier of the arena without argo-ing a mob. Dying and respawning at the central platform offers a nearly impossible task of rejoining your squad because you will have to fight several mobs solo to cross the bridge to the 2nd tier.

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