Ship beam weapons are the main battle weapons in STO and come in many different types. Although new characters start with the Phaser Beam Arrays in the Federation and Disruptor Beam Arrays in the Klingon Empire, as a player advances, other beam weapons, both energy and weapon types, become available either by looting or purchase. All weapons and equipment can appear in enhanced versions identified by colors - white for basic, green for common, blue for rare and purple for unique. Beam weapons have a range of 10 km and appear in the following types:

  • Array - the most common type that has a wide overlapping firing arc allowing the potential for both front and rear mounted weapons to strike the same target.
  • Dual Array - basically two arrays in one weapon frontal slot that packs more damage than a single array at the cost of a narrower firing arc.
  • Cannon - does more damage than a single array with a narrower firing arc. Can be only mounted in frontal slots.
  • Dual Cannon - does heavy damage but with an extremely narrow firing arc and greater energy use. Only mounted in front slots.
  • Dual Heavy Cannon - does the most damage but with an extrememly narrow firing arc and greater energy use (same as Dual Cannon), but generally come with an additioanl debuff. Can only be mounted in front slots.
  • Turret - delivers the least damage but will strike targets in any direction.

Note: Dual and Dual Heavy Cannons can only be mounted on Escort class ships; otherwise all beam weapons may be fitted to any ship.

Energy/Damage types each come with a built-in potential for additional damage as follows:

  • Phaser - includes a 2.5% chance of disabling one subsystem (weapons, engines, turning, shields, etc.) for 5 seconds.
  • Disruptor - includes a 2.5% chance of -10% damage resistence for 15 seconds.
  • Plasma - includes a 2.5% chance of causing additional plasma damage over 15 seconds (scales up with the weapon level).
  • Tetryon - includes a 2.5% chance of reducing all shields by 80.
  • Polaron - includes a 2.5% chance of reducing power levels by 25.


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