Ship weapons are mountable on designated hardpoints fore and aft. They come in 3 categories: beam, torpedos and mines. Beam weapons have phaser, disruptor and plasma damage types. Beam weapons also come in banks, arrays, cannons and turrets. Banks and Arrays have a wide (250, 180) arc of attack. Dual banks and Cannons have a much narrower (90 and 45 degree) arc of attack with greater damage given. Cannons can only be mounted on Escort class ships after Level III. Turrets have the least damage but can attack in 360 degrees no matter the mounting point. Torpedos and mines are kinetic damage weapons of photon, quantum, plasma, chronitron, transphasic and tricobalt types. Torpedos have a narrow (90 degree) arc of attack while mines are passive in that they are just launched and seek any nearby target after a brief arming time.


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