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When you are in a Alert Status you can see the enemy but they have not yet discovered you.

When you are in 'Engaged Status' you are in the fight

Select your targets at 20km and move closer at half impulse until you can make out the number and types of ship, this is about 12km.

If there are other enemy ships in the area endevor to engages and draw your targets away from their reinforcement and into your reinforcements if any..

When you line up your attack from about 15km go Full impulse and just before you get to the 10km range engage Beam Overload, Torpedo spread and Rotate sheilds.

Fore your torpedos as soon as you have a number of targgets in range, and start firing your beam weapons. Do not turn into the enemy, engage your Movement and Speed power to push you away from the enemy as quickly as possible, fly right through and engage with your aft mounted weapons until you are out of range. Endevor to get 13km before you bank back into the area you prefer to pull the battle attaking at range broadside to your targets. Watch your shealds and buffs, make a few passes right past the enemy targets until an enemy sheild crashes and then manuver to get a spread of torpedo's on the target.

It is most important that you save your topedo spread untill the enemy sheild crash then manuver for the kiill shot.

Try to engage your phaser banks to bring as many beam weapons on the target sheilds.

Use your throttle to get into a position where the enemy cabbot bring all waepons to bear on you.

Reinforce you sheilds all round and if a sheild is near collapse show them your best side.

Charge up your front and rear sheilds for direct attacks,

That is all for now

This is what I have learned in the first few weeks of battle, mostly alone. Try always to make friends and coordinate your attacks.

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