Ship specifics
Class Advanced Escort (5th tier ship)
Faction Federation
Minimum Rank Admiral
Crew Compliment 150
Turn Rate 15
Impulse Modifier 0.20
Device Slots 1
Weapons 4 Fore, 3 Aft
Bridge officer sations 1 Commander Tactical; 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical; 1 Lieutenant Engineering; 1 Lieutenant Science; 1 Ensign Science
Console Upgrades 2 Engineering, 3 Science, 4 Tactical

The Cerberus Class is a special class of Starfleet starships, designed for fleet escorts and fighting. Unlike other Starfleet ships it's not a explorer, but rather a warship.

Since it isn't a heavy ship, it's not meant to fight battles; rather to destroy larger ships using its agility.

It is notable that the ship is outfitted with holoemitters to allow for the use of photonic crew members.


  • The ship features regenerative shields and ablative armor. Some Cerberus vessels have an experimental form of quantum slipstream drive, but the technology is not considered stable enough to be standard equipment.
  • An advanced warp core keeps weapons at top power, even during combat maneuvers.
  • The full capacities of the Cerberus are classified.

Other Notable Equipment:

  • Space for science labs and crew quarters has been cut back to allow for more room for torpedo bays and phaser cannons.
  • The crew lounge is a holodeck, so it can be quickly modified for a variety of uses. There are three other holodecks for crew use.
  • Improved computer AI means the Cerberus can go into battle with a handful of crew members.

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