Episode: Breen Front
Contact: Ambassador Surah
Level: LC 1
Information based on version ST.5.20100830a.9

We are receiving a distress signal in the Raveh system. A Deferi transport weathered a Breen attack, but they've taken heavy casualties and are requesting immediate assistance. My people do not have military ships, [Your Rank], and I am loathe to send a lightly-armored rescue vessel into such a dangerous situation.

Please, you must do whatever you can to help them!

Progress Edit

  • Fly towards the ship and then beam over
  • Talk to Dr. Cossa and he'll want you to treat one of the injured crewmen. As long as you ask about allergies and make sure you don't put the medication that the patient is allergic to in the hypospray you should be able to complete this easily.
  • Talk to Dr. Cossa again and he'll want you to treat another injured crewman. It quickly becomes apparent that this crewman has some mental problems.
    • Talk to your ship to find out what to do.
    • Pick up a scanner from the medkit and scan the patient.
    • Get medication from the medkit use it on the patient. The Deferi will mention that the Breen implanted him with a cortical implant.
    • Ask Dr. Cossa what to do and he'll refer you to the Breen they captured.
  • Interrogate the Breen. You can talk to the Breen in any order, but only one of them will give you the information you need.
    • When you enter the brig area your tactical officer will give you information on interrogating Breen. Read it or else you'll have to do everything all over again.
    • Tran, northern corner on the map, is the Breen that will give you information, but you have to talk to all three Breen before he'll say anything.
    • At a certain point during the interrogation with Tran he won't continue because he doesn't want to be overheard by his commanding officer.
    • Head over to the cell of the guy that talked about Thot Trel earlier when you were trying to find out which one to interrogate and enable the acoustic dampening field.
    • Head back over to Tran and continue your interrogation. Be careful what you ask as you may end up having to completely start over.
  • Talk to Dr. Cossa
  • Return to Tran
  • Depart System

Interrogation Spoiler Edit

  • What is your story?
  • Everyone has a story. What led you to be here?
  • What does attacking a civilian transport have to do with Breen expansion?
  • Enable acoustic dampening field
  • Your commanding officer can't hear you.
  • How can you justify an attack against civilian targets?
  • Did you have an option that didn't involve attacking the Deferi?
  • So your mission wasn't just to kill the Deferi on this ship?
  • Why did you do this? What information did the Deferi have that you needed so badly?
  • Would the probed Deferi know what memories were being searched?
  • How do we remove the implant?

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