What are Cryptic Points?Edit

Cryptic Points are the currency for the Cryptic Store. It is a universal system that works across international borders and allow you to browse and buy things from the Cryptic Store within a game without taking out your credit card!

How much do they cost?Edit

Cryptic Points are available for purchase at a variety of price points, and are often offered for a special sale price, or a buy-x-get-y-free value. The non-sale, non-bonus prices (in USD) are:

  • $6.25 USD for 500 Cryptic Points
  • $12.50 USD for 1000 Cryptic Points
  • $25.00 USD for 2000 Cryptic Points
  • $62.50 USD for 5000 Cryptic Points

At all prices, $1 USD gets 80 points.

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