Episode: Assignments with No Location
Contact: Admiral Grigori Yanishev
Level: LC 8
Plus One of the following:
Information based on version ST.0.20100217c.3

Captain, get your ship and crew to the Alpha Centauri Sector Block, and join in the battle against this enormous creature. If you come within hailing range of other Federation ships, urge them to join up; this Crystalline Entity is a destroyer of planets and not to be taken lightly!

The Enterprise-D encountered a cosmozoan lifeform known as the Crystalline Entity more than forty years ago. That lifeform was destroyed, and we simply didn't prepare for what we would do if another of its kind appeared.

We have to act quickly before the Entity destroys more planets!


Phase 1Edit

Throughout the whole fight the Crystaline Entity will spawn Crystaline Fragments which will follow the nearest ship. If they come within 1km of a ship they will do around 5,000 damage its hull. There should be a small number of ships which kite the fragments in a large circle around the entity. The remaining ships should focus on damaging and debuffing the enity.

Phase 2Edit

Below about 40% the entity will begin to release Large Crystaline Fragments. The large fragments will follow player ships just like the normal fragments but if they are destroyed (either by weapons or a collision) then they will break into Small Crystaline Fragments which will head directly towards the Entity and if allowed to reach it will heal it by about 1% per small fragment.

It is therefore vital that Large fragments are avoided as much as possible and if they do shatter that the small fragments are killed quickly. If you are hit by a Large Fragment, immediately switch your attention to the resulting Small Fragments to destroy them before they reach the Entity to heal it.


•To find the Crystalline Entity fleet action, visit the Alpha Centauri Sector Block. Somewhere to the north and/or east of the Demil System, look for an Enemy Signal Contact that has a very large red box around it. (When you fly in closer it'll change from "Enemy Signal Contact" to "Crystalline Entity".)

•You can also find some starfleet NPC ships flying around that will let you join the fleet action.

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