Cure Space is a Special Task Force mission playable on normal by level 44 characters and elite by level 50 characters. The mission requires a team of five players and takes approximately 25 minutes to complete with an average team.



The primary objective in Cure Space is to protect the I.K.S. Kang from the attacking Assimilated Bird of Prey. If the Kang is destroyed, the mission fails and the team must restart the mission. The mission's secondary objective is to destroy all three Borg cubes orbiting the assimilated repair facilities. In order to destroy these vessels, players must destroy nanite probes beneath the cubes. When the first cube is destroyed, the two remaining cubes will order the spawn of stronger Assimilated Klingon Raptors. These ships are significantly harder to kill before they come into attack range of the Kang. Upon destruction of the second cube, the last cube will order the spawn of Assimilated Neg'Var Battleships, one of the most powerful Klingon ships in the game. After the final cube is downed and the team hails the Kang, an Assimilated Klingon Carrier is spawned. Destroying this carrier results in the completion of the mission.

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