Deep Space 9 is a Federation Deep Space station located in the Bajor System in the Bajor Sector of the Beta Ursae Sector Block.

For a time Deep Space 9 served as checkpoint to the Federation, Klingon Empire and even the Romulan Star Empire, in the Dominion Wars, in which the Cardassians also participated.

Services Edit


Promenade Edit

  • Outfitters
    • Outfitter Adjka (Mk III - VII)
    • Armorer Zentan (Mk III - VII)
  • Konzaar, Broker of Commodities (Entertainment Provisions [16 Provisions], Seismic Stabilizers [4 Astrometric Probes, 2 Weather Control Systems], Self Sealing Stem Bolts [4 Industrial Energy Cells], Terraforming Systems [8 Water Purification Systems, 4 Weather Control Systems], Warp Coils [4 Astrometric Probes])
  • Kit Merchants
    • Kilta Vrann (Mk V - VII)
    • Kalti Vrann (Mk V - VII)
  • Personal Weapons
    • Weaponmaster Targosk (Mk III - VIII)
    • Weapon Procurer Urgmaht (Mk III - VIII, has Klingon Bat'leth V - VIII)
  • Negotiate a Deal - Pag

Shipyard Edit

Temple Edit

Quark's Bar Edit

  • 1st Floor
    • Hadron
    • Woadroh "Woadie" Bhoith
  • 2nd Floor
    • Zhyi'Ahne
  • 3rd Floor
    • Gar'Con

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