Deepspace K7 Space Station

Deepspace K7 Space Station

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Deep Space Station K-7 was a Starfleet built and civilian-run space station in service during the 2260s. Located within Federation space, K-7 sat near the border of the Klingon Empire, just 3.2 light years from the nearest Klingon outpost, and was at least two hundred light years from the Cardassian Union.

The station came into promenance in the year 2268 when it was chosen as the center for developing Sherman's Planet, a disputed world along the Federation-Klingon border. Per the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty, the planet would ultimately be given to the world that proved it could develop it the best; the Federation's plan was to turn it into an agricultural world, growing vast amounts of the grain quadrotriticale. This plan was ultimately derailed later that year when the entire grain store there was poisoned by an undercover Klingon agent, a problem further compounded by a tribble infestation unwittingly started by a passing trader. These events were even further complicated when time travelers from the year 2373 arrived, but the original history of the event was preserved with only a few minor changes.

Services Edit

  • Admiral's Office
    • [[Commander] Naomi Wildman]]

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