Episode: Klingon Front
Contact: Admiral Quinn
Level: Lt. 3
Plus One of the following:
Information based on version ST.0.20100119a.10

[Your rank], we have a diplomatic mission for you.

An important Vulcan ambassador is returning to the monastery at P'Jem with a collection of artifacts that have been on display on Earth. Capturing the ambassador and these treasures would be a major coup for the Klingons or Orions, so we're assigning you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You are to escort Ambassador Sokketh to P'Jem.

Please meet him on the Earth Spacedock: You can find him meditating in the State Room. Once you locate him, speak with him about the transport mission.

Do whatever is necessary to keep him safe, [Your rank] [Your name].

  • Escort Vulcan Ambassador Sokketh to the monastery on P'Jem in the Vulcan Sector

Peace and long life to you, [Your rank].

I have been tasked with returning several of our sacred artifacts to the monastery at P'Jem. Admiral Quinn informs me that your ship is available to assist me.

- Vulcan Ambassador Sokketh

There have been several reports of Klingon raids in the area around the monastery. It is imperative that these items are returned safely. I trust that you and your crew are up to the task.

The people of Vulcan thank you for your aid in this matter. I can depart as soon as you are prepared.

  • Escort Vulcan Ambassador Sokketh to P'Jem

Notes Edit

Meet the Ambassador on the Spacedock in the State Room by talking to him. Then beam to your ship and depart for the P'Jem system. Arrive and beam to the planet surface where the village is occupied by Klingon warriors. Fight your way uphill the winding path to the temple. You will be attacked by several waves of Klingons. Finally the Klingon Ambassador arrives who turns out to be a Changeling, an Undine in disguise. The changeling runs back down the hill and you are to follow it. At this time, you are generally fighting Klingons, but don't worry about it. Just head down the hill from the temple until you receive the prompt that it has beamed to its ship in orbit.

You are then instructed to beam on to your ship and attack the Undine ship until the Federation reinforcements arrive. Just stay in the the attack; you will not be able to defeat the enemy ship alone. Stay alive until help arrives. Mission ends after their defeat of the Undine.

Reinforcements Edit

The reinforcement fleet that arrives to help you against the Tethys Battleship.

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