Fleet ActionsEdit

Fleet Actions are open missions you can participate in. When you join a Fleet Action you will be sent on a mission that pairs you with other players queued for the same fleet action. 
There can be multiple parts to a Fleet Action. With the Federation Fleet Action Starbase 24, there are both Space and On Ground (Away) Missions.

Upon completing a Fleet Actions, loot will be awarded. The highest quality will go to the biggest contributor to the mission.


Starbase 24Edit

Lead in mission: Starbase 24


Weaken Klingon Attack Force

Phase 1

  • Destroy 50 Klingon Ships

Phase 2

  • Destroy 20 Klingon Battleships (Warships)


Red Alert Aid Starbase 24

  • Rescue 6 Scientists (7 Scientists to choose from, 5 on 1st deck, 2 more on 2nd deck)
  • Download Data


  • Assist USS McCoy


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