The Hirogen are a spacefaring race of humanoids native to the Delta Quadrant. Because of their nomadic nature, it is unknown where the Hirogen homeworld is or if the Hirogen even know where it is. Hirogen do not claim territory the same way the Federation or Cardassian Union mark their borders, but they do have a range extending across multiple quadrants. While the Federation was the first to make contact with them, the Romulans made contact later and some Hirogen have become their allies and part of the Romulan Star Empire; however, it is impossible for all Hirogen to join the Empire because of the huge distance separating those in the Delta Quadrant from the Romulans, and because the Hirogen lack a single unifying government.

Hirogen culture is centered around the "hunt" - the pursuit of prey. Hirogen have no qualms about hunting sapient species and in fact prefer intelligent prey as they provide a more entertaining hunt. This is similar to a race known as the "Hunters" from the Dominion. The Hirogen communicate using an ancient subspace relay network that stretches from the central Delta Quadrant almost to the Alpha Quadrant - the network is almost 100,000 years old. It is unknown if the builders of the network were ancient Hirogen. Hirogen social structure is led by an "alpha" male. The second in command is the "beta" who takes over if the alpha dies. Hirogen women prefer men with large or impressive hunting trophies as mates, males often adorn the inside of their ships with body parts from defeated prey, such as skeletal remains of leather made from skin. In some areas Hirogen technology surpasses that of the Federation, but until Voyager encountered them, they were not known to have any holographic technology.

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