Joined Trill Required Traits
Trait Hyper Metabolism Hyper Metabolism
Health Regeneration
Radiation and Toxic Resistance
Trait Joined Symbiote Joined Symbiote
Increases Starship Stats
Plus two additional traits.
Joined Trill

a typical Joined Trill

In Game Description

A humanoid species native to the planet Trill, Trill are characterized by two rows of spots that descend down each side of their body from forehead to toe.

A small number of Trill are joined with a symbiotic lifeform. You are one of these chosen few.

Joined Trill have personalities that are a synthesis of the host and the symbiote and to some extent the memories and personalities of all of the previous hosts of the symbiote. The joined Trill has access to the skills and memories of all of the previous hosts.


There is a second type of Trill, see Trill.

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