Episode: {{{episode}}}
Contact: Captain Qat'Anmek
Level: Lt. 1
Plus One of the following:
Information based on version ST.0.20100119a.10

Transport over to the U.S.S. Khitomer and assist them in repelling the Borg.

The EMH will have your orders. Be careful, ensign -- weapons fire has been detected. Someone's still fighting on the Khitomer.

  • Speak to the EMH
  • Scan Injured Crew (0/1)
  • Return to the EMH
  • Find Lt. Thelis in Aux Control
  • Store Borg Patterns
  • Talk to Lt. Thelis
  • Rematerialize Borg
  • Talk to the Commander Davis
  • Take Turbolift to Deck 2
  • Investigate Deck 2
  • Destroy Borg Devices (0/6)
  • Go to Main Engineering on Deck 3
  • Talk to Commander Davis
  • Go down the ramp to the Barricade
  • Defend Engineering
  • Speak to Commander Davis
  • Go to Transporter Room
  • Interview the Officers
  • Speak with Tactical Officer
  • Speak with Engineering Officer
  • Speak with Science Officer
  • Speak with Chief Sherman

Assist the crew of the U.S.S. Khitomer.

Notes Edit

This is a fairly straight forward mission thread that ends up with obtaining the Bridge Officer of your choice. Fight your way down to the Transporter. Borg will materialize continually so don't get bogged down. Just follow the mission thread as it develops. Once you have completed the defense of Engineering, don't worry if the Borg respawn. Just continue past them to the Transporter Room and the completion.

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