Kierans are a race of humanoids, who are from a homeworld they have yet to reveal to the rest of the galaxy. It is rumored to lie at the far edges of the Galaxy on the rim, on the side of the Alpha Quadrant but this again has not yet been confirmed.


Kierans are very much humanoid in their appearance. They appear as large versions of Humans on a physical level, as they have the same physical features as humans and human-like races like Betazoids. They also have many similarities to humans in that their blood is also iron based. Their muscular structure is more dense than humans making them significantly stronger than humans, and even Klingons and Vulcans in terms of comparison. To add to this, Kierans are also physically imposing due the the fact that an adult Kieran male, can easily grow up to seven feet in height and weigh as much as 140 kilograms.

This comparably larger physical structure results in a very high metabolism which also has the result of a voracious appetite. Kierans are known to easily consume three to five times the amount of food that humans eat in a standard meal. Despite this they are also able to rely on less than four hours of sleep a day to maintain peak consciousness. Due to this metabolism, Kierans are generally have a muscular yet lean appearance despite their enormous size. This also is a sign that they are rather vulnerable to the cold, due to the lack of significant amounts of body fat.

Some Kierans are known to have pointed ears but they have not demonstrated anything else but a simple aesthetic difference.`

Kieran visual capabilities are excellent. They do not have true nocturnal vision but their visual prowess is likely due to an evolutionary benefit in living in a world where the ranges of day and night are far longer than they are on earth.

Kieran lifespans are also estimated to be 2-3 times longer than the average human usually around the area of two centuries of age.


Kierans have the ability to move objects with the power of the mind, though this is on a local and limited level it can assist them when they require it. They are also telepathic but only on a very close range. Their telepathy doesn't reach ranges that span vast distances like how Betazoids or Aenar are capable, but they can conduct mind reading within a few meters of themselves.

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