Episode: Romulan Front
Contact: Admiral T'nae
Level: Cm 3
Plus One of the following:
Information based on version ST.0.20100208b.10

Three weeks ago, the U.S.S Nobel was on a mission in Romulan space when we lost contact with the vessel.

A search of[1] turned up nothing. It was logical to conclude that the ship and her crew lost, but that may be an error.

Starbase sensors are picking up an emergency signal that is the same frequency as that assigned to the Nobel. The signal is faint and there is some kind of unexplained interference, but the connection to the Nobel may not be a coincidence. We want you and the [Your ship] to investigate.

We believe the signal originates from Cirini Prime, which is a planet near to several Romulan colony worlds. The Romulans are very protective of their remaining populated star systems, so be prepared for confrontation.

  • Nobel Defense
  • Nobel Rescue
  • Nobel Crew
  • Nobel Promise
  • Report to Starfleet

  • Investigate an emergency signal that may be from a missing Starfleet ship.

Notes Edit

  1. typos, grammar errors, etc were copied directly from the game text

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