Ravana son of Tavrek 3

Ravana was born to Tavrek and Lekel in 2381. His father was killed during a Klingon charting mission that led to the Empire's first contact with the Dalankrit. For this he has found himself on a personal crusade to defeat and conquer the Dalankrit and seek venegence for his father.

Ravana was too young to recall peace time between the Empire and Federation. His generation is referred to as the Say (clean) Generation. He has no conflicts with battling humanity, and in fact has met Ambassador B'Vat. Knowledge of his support or reproach is unknown.

As the war with the Federation and the conflict with the Undine continue, capable captains have become scarce in the Empire, which has led to the appointment of the more qualified officers to be given their own commands. It is known Ravana is reticent of these marching orders, as he commands a ship of mainly jehpu'wi and is sent to perform menial tasks, such as tribble control and star charting, while the bulk of the fleet is on the front lines.

Other notes of interest: Put down the rebellion on Klavik. Defeated the Romulan task force in the Azura Nebula. The retaking of Baghvatlh in the Eridon Nebula. Ravana was once commanded to go and negotiate with a Dalankrit commander for the purpose of potentially trading precious resources with worlds the Empire had taken. Ravana's final decision was to attack the ship, kill the crew and obtain information as to where more resources existed and what worlds could be taken. Ravana was quoted later in saying, "We are Klingons. We do not talk. We take."
Ravana was promoted to General after retaking the Donatu System. He currently commands the I.K.S. poS. After uncovering a plot by Torg to destroy the House of Martok, Ravana joined Martok's widow , Lady Sirella in fighting the House of Torg and uncovered evidence that Torg was working ith the Romulans.

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