Saurian Required Traits
Trait Circulatory Redundancies Circulatory Redundancies
Toxic, Fire, and Plasma DoT Damage Resistance
Trait Acute Senses Acute Senses
+20% Stealth Sight
+10% Exploit Damage
Plus two additional traits.

a typical Saurian

In Game Description

A reptilian race from Sauria, Saurians are intelligent and make excellent Starfleet officers.

Saurians have a circulatory system with inherent redundancies that makes them hard to kill. They are comfortable underwater, and can adapt well to rainforest or swampy climates. They are resistant to poisons, and can breathe a variety of gases without ill effects.

Saurians are renowned traders, and most of their early interactions with other species were related to commerce. Saurian brandy is prized throughout the Alpha Quadrant.

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