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Science Vessels

A screenshot of Science Vessels

The following is a list of Science vessels in Star Trek Online.


Science ShipsEdit

Although Science ships lack the massive firepower of other classes, their technology grants them distinct advantages in combat. Their advanced deflector and sensors can easily identify and exploit weaknesses in enemy ships and target their subsystems, or even detect cloaked ships. Their deflectors can also be used to aid and repair ally ships, as well as control the pace of battle.

These abilities allow them to provide superior fleet support, yet they are more than capable to complete missions on their own.

Primary Role: Fleet support, ally aid, battle control. Specializes in buffs, debuffs and control. Special: Advanced shields, innate subsystem targeting, innate cloak detection; bonus to Auxiliary power.

Science Vessel Edit

Research VesselsEdit

Long Range VesselEdit

Deep Space VesselEdit

Deep Space Vessel (variant)Edit

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