Episode: Exploration
Region: Arucanis Arm|- valign="top" align="left" Reward:
Information based on version ST.0.20100225a.4
  • Approach the planet
    • Beam down and find the researchers
  • Investigate abandoned caverns
    • Access computer terminal
    • Access personal logs
    • Access more personal logs
    • Access transporter logs
  • Return to Sector Space

Captain, Starfleet has been unable to contact the research facility on this planet for more twenty-six hours. The facility is located more than two kilometers below the surface of the planet, so they may have some damage to their communications array and be unable to call for aid.

Our orders are to attempt to hail them and assist them if needed.

- Tactical Bridge Officer

No response to our hails, sir.

I recommend we send an away team to the facility and attempt to contact the researchers directly.

  • Beam down and find the researchers

- Tactical Bridge Officer

Captain, I recommend that we find a computer terminal and attempt to access the research logs. We may find the whereabouts of the research team recorded there.

  • Find the researcher logs

- Science Bridge Officer

Captain, the logs show nothing out of the ordinary. The researchers were studying instability in the planetary core, but there is nothing more to indicate why this facility would be empty.

I may have found something, sir. The researchers report being on the cusp of a major discovery several days ago, but they were deeply divided regarding the impact of their discovery. We may be able to learn more by examining the researchers' personal logs.

  • Examine the researchers personal logs

- Science Bridge Officer

The data they were gathering seems to point to a pending seismic event, but the log data is several weeks old, sir. We should continue our search.

  • Continue examining personal logs

- Science Bridge Officer

Captain, the seismic event that the researchers predicted occurred two days ago. They would have been trapped here, but the lead researcher activated the emergency transporter protocols.

I should be able to get a lock on their destination with a bit more data.

  • Examine transporter log

- Science Bridge Officer

Captain, it appears that the transporter's pattern buffer was damaged in the landquake. There are traces of the researchers patterns here, but they are far too degraded to retrieve.

They're gone, sir. I will contact the [Your ship name] and have them transmit a message to Starfleet. The researchers' families need to be told.

We can return to the ship as soon as you're ready, sir.

  • Return to Sector Space

- Science Bridge Officer

Notes Edit

  • This mission utilizes a tile set that has cell sections where all characters disappear and sound is off. Move out of the cell section and the characters will reappear.

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