Episode: Assignments with No Location
Contact: Admiral Grigori Yanishev
Level: Lt 4
Plus One of the following:
Information based on version ST.0.20100217c.3

Starbase 24 is under attack by a Klingon fleet! It is located in the Orion Sector in the Sirius Sector Block.

Report there as fast as possible and help rescue our people!

Captain, early reports indicate this is a major attack. Expect extreme opposition. We recommend bringing any additional support you can muster.

  • Go to Starbase 24
  • Defend Starbase 24 in the Orion Sector

Notes Edit

This has both a space battle and an away mission. The space battle is a defend mission where you are required to kill 50 Klingon ships, then 20 Battle Warships. Generally there will be several other people in this area so you will seldom have to go it alone. Stay in a pack with the others and try to attack the same enemies. After your victory, the mission will respawn in about 5 minutes. This is a good place to prospect for loot.

The away mission beams you to the base for a rescue mission (7 scientists held captive by Klingons) and data retrieval. Five scientists are held on the same level you start on and the others require a turbolift located at the end of this level. Talking to the scientists beams them to safety. The data is retrieved from a console on the last level. Completion allows you to return to your ship and move to a marshalling area in the vicinity (try to stay out of whatever space battle is occurring). When in close proximity to the marshalling fleet, you will be notified that the scientists have been beamed to safety aboard the USS McCoy and the mission is complete.

Both missions are repeatable. In fact, passing close to this base will earn you the prompt to take the mission, or you can take it directly from Admiral Yanishev via your ship communicator. Repeating this mission only yields 78 Skillpoints, 19 Bridge Officer Skill Points, and 32 Starfleet Merits.

4/16/2010 In the last patch reinforcements arrive, they beam in as you fight, on top of you. If you are not fast enough in the ground mission. It is much harder than before.. added Asg@asgord.

4/19/2010 Verified. You need to move faster through the rooms to keep ahead of respawned Klingon soldiers. Generally, you will clear a hallway prior to entering a room, clear the room and then have to fight through the formerly cleared hallway. The best advice is to be careful of agro-ing too many groups and being surrounded. Move quickly and use stealth, if possible, to minimize enemy encounters. WARNING: the last room can be extremely frustrating to clear as hordes of Targ will harass you constantly. Standing outside the room will subject you to endless attacks from respawns. Enter and move to a far corner. Engage only adjacent Klingon soldiers. Remember that you can always Pause the action and reposition your away team for maximum damage. PCHunter 00:56, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

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