Episode: Explore The Delta Volanis Cluster
Contact: Delta Volanis Anomaly
Level: Lt ?
Plus One of the following:
  • none
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Quick TasksEdit

  1. Aid the Planet

Log TasksEdit


Approach the planet and an official from the Meltzilian government will answer your hails and request your aid. He will request 10 Units of Provisions. If you don't have the Provisions on you then you will need to leave the system and acquire some and return later. When you reenter Delta Volanis Cluster you will be able to return to Kappa Delta 299 with the quick button that appears in the user interface.

Communications LogEdit

I'm detecting population centers on the planet, sir. It appears to be a large warp-capable culture.

Would you like to make contact, sir?

Sir, our hail is being answered by a member of the Meltzilian government. Would you like me to put it onscreen?

Welcome to System Kappa Delta 299, >rank<! We are pleased the United Federation of planets wishes to open trade negotiations with us!

Our greatest need is for Provisions. How much can you deliver?

  • How much do you need

10 units of Provisions will be enough, >player name<.

    • Deliver supplies

We are ready to complete our exchange. Do you have the Provisions we requested?

  • Why do you need...

Growing populations have many needs >player name<! The more Provisions we have, the better off we are!

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