Episode: Romulan Front
Contact: Admiral T'nae
Level: LC 7
Plus One of the following:
Information based on version ST.0.20100208b.4

Starfleet is facing a critical situation, [Your rank]. Your assistance is required to resolve it successfully.

Franklin Drake is a Starfleet officer assigned to be an intelligence analyst for the Federation Council. He knows almost all there is to know about Starfleet's plans to defend the core worlds of the Federation.

Starfleet Intelligence has reason to believe Drake wants to sell that intel to the Romulans. He has contacts in the Orion Syndicate. There is a 62.78 percent chance that he will use those contacts to broker a deal with the Romulans in the Agrama system.

Go to the Agrama system, find Drake and bring him back. Do not allow him to fall into Romulan hands.

  • Find and apprehend Franklin Drake before he can sell Federation security secrets to the Romulans.

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