• Profetius Eteus

    I finished Species and Traits. Relatively small sections in the scope of things. Now that I'm an administrator I went ahead and did some administrative cleaning of broken redirected, orphaned pages, and unused categories. Everything I deleted wasn't attached to anything else, so don't worry, nothing you've worked on got dumped.

    Bridge Officer Skills still need doing, but I find myself distracted by the other "relatively smaller" sections that need tending to.

    I have absolutely no idea who is in charge here, or how I was elected, selected, appointed Administrator. It'll take me another week AT LEAST to get this place up to where other wikis already are with the in-game data. But I have something none of them do ... Icons. The highest quality,…

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  • Profetius Eteus

    I have a lot of work ahead of me just to get the skills pages up and running. At the moment I've gotten the Space Templates pretty much where I want them. All but 1 of the Engineering Space Skills have been uploaded, and I'm only missing a few of their Level III skill details.

    Some of them I don't even know if they exist or not, I'm contemplating starting a thread on the official forums and try to enlist other help in tracking them down, as I only have been able to find 2 on the Exchange.

    Until I hear otherwise I'm just going to assume that those Level 3 skills are out there to be taught by a BO somewhere.

    I'm hesitant to do the other space skills until I've had some time to re-evaluate the Templates. It occurs to me that each skill should ha…

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