I finished Species and Traits. Relatively small sections in the scope of things. Now that I'm an administrator I went ahead and did some administrative cleaning of broken redirected, orphaned pages, and unused categories. Everything I deleted wasn't attached to anything else, so don't worry, nothing you've worked on got dumped.

Bridge Officer Skills still need doing, but I find myself distracted by the other "relatively smaller" sections that need tending to.

I have absolutely no idea who is in charge here, or how I was elected, selected, appointed Administrator. It'll take me another week AT LEAST to get this place up to where other wikis already are with the in-game data. But I have something none of them do ... Icons. The highest quality, pure, not cut, columbian's finest, icons. Lol ... coccaine references to images ... totally been working on this wiki too long for one sitting.

Night folks

Profetius Eteus 10:55, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

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