I have a lot of work ahead of me just to get the skills pages up and running. At the moment I've gotten the Space Templates pretty much where I want them. All but 1 of the Engineering Space Skills have been uploaded, and I'm only missing a few of their Level III skill details.

Some of them I don't even know if they exist or not, I'm contemplating starting a thread on the official forums and try to enlist other help in tracking them down, as I only have been able to find 2 on the Exchange.

Until I hear otherwise I'm just going to assume that those Level 3 skills are out there to be taught by a BO somewhere.

I'm hesitant to do the other space skills until I've had some time to re-evaluate the Templates. It occurs to me that each skill should have 3 Player skills that will improve/buff its effect. I should probably work this into the Template, but it also means a lot more research.

EDIT: I went ahead and tweaked the template for the 3 levels of affect that skills can get. Unfortunately this also increases my work load, as I need to come up with a Player Skill template, and actually writre the player skill pages too.

But Heck, its what I'm here for. To expand this place with so much raw data that it becomes the one and only best source

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