Among the first questions asked by a player are the ever famous, Where is Admiral Quinn? Where is Akira Sulu? Every third or fourth line of zone chat reads like this, so for those of you still wondering, I am endeavouring to map out Stardock.

Getting StartedEdit

First of all, you are expected to notice these two words in the top right corner when you spawn into Stardock. Personally I believe there should be an officer there to greet you and explain, but meh maybe some patch someday. Anyhow, let Michael_Cairn of Fleet Little Green Men give you a headstart.

Directly ahead of you is a turbo lift, at the top, both Admiral Quinn and Akira Sulu are in the room at the top. You come out of the lift facing Quinn, turn right and you will see Sulu. Here is where the game truly begins.


Using the MapEdit

Map letters
You might not have discovered how wonderful this feature could be, I mean is. The map needs some explanation, so press the 'M' key and pull it up. It should look something like this. The yellow dotsand the blue dots with the letter " i " in them are people you can interact with.

Yellow dots tend to be traders, ship customizers, uniform tailors, and various other vendors and official fleet officer.

Blue dots with the letter " i " are official star fleet officers who serve specific functions, i.e the Fleet Ambassador who allows you to create a Fleet.

Blue dots with a check mark in them are part of a mission, particularly handy to know.

Blue dots with arrows in them are players

Grey dots are team members: Note this is particularly handy in finding someone you wish to trade with, use the chat menu to right click on their name and 'Invite to Team'. They will then appear as a grey dot on your map, allowing you to find them much quicker.

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